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5.0 crack – Download Free! Enjoy!. Please use the following key: C4609053. Although, it’s a free software, .Puerto Ricans nationwide are on the ground this month as they begin a new phase of the PRIDE, and our Mayor, Carmen Yulín Cruz has been in the heart of it from the beginning, supporting and urging our neighbours in the fight for health care.

What follows is a transcript of an interview Carmen did with The Drum’s Dave McKenzie in early August about the effects of the hurricane, the challenges faced by the Commonwealth and our health care issues.

People in Puerto Rico are suffering from very real issues right now. What kinds of concerns, what kinds of problems are you seeing on the island that people are facing?

The whole island is really suffering because a lot of people’s houses have been destroyed.

The hospitals are really suffering, a lot of the physicians have been injured, a lot of food has been looted. You still have no power. You still have really weakened infrastructure. So it’s going to be a long road to recovery, a very long road.

What is the primary issue on the island? What are people complaining about at the moment?

The primary issue on the island is health care. And some of the things they are complaining about that they really need are nutrition and health. Every day, they’re not getting food. They’re not getting medical supplies. And, and more than that, the fact that the hospitals were not prepared for a major catastrophe, none of the hospitals were prepared. They had no power, there was no gas, there was no water.

Before the hurricane, there were just about 25 hospitals in Puerto Rico. And now, 75 of them are closed down. They’ve been closed down because of a lack of resources. So they have a lot of people who are going to die because of this.

We also have a lot of elderly people who have now aged tremendously in one month. We are talking about 80-, 85-, 90-year-old people who are dying who were not given access to medical care.

There are mothers who gave birth and the infant was taken away from them. Or there were babies that died inside these medical facilities. They have no way to access care. The logistical issues that affect the whole island right now are huge.

The medical


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