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How to handle a perpetual flush with Civi?

I’d like to write (as an extension) a function that takes an instance of a page as an argument, and generates a CiviReport, and calls an external tool to process the data in that page.
What’s a good way to handle cases where the flush functions run very rapidly, but it’s often the case that no data actually gets processed.
For example, the flush functions on most of the page will only run on each visitor, and we have a bunch of visitors that don’t care about the data in this page, so the processing runs at about 3% completion, and most of the time the visitor just sits there, and the only benefit is that the report shows some information in a timely manner, i.e. the final page of the report doesn’t refresh itself for a long time, when the CiviReport could refresh with more info.


If you have access to use the API (read: admin) then you can control this with a little code. See here.
This could be run on the “On Behalf of Page” action just before you generate your report or as a cron job.
If you don’t need to use the API I’d just throw a limit in by inserting into the (as you say) extender, something like this;

You might want to be able to change that number to something greater, for example, just in case the session value is overwritten.

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