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How to get EXIF OSD information via libexif?

I have a library called libexif which provides me with the libraries, headers and what not. Currently I’m trying to figure out the following:

exif_t *exif;

exif_error_t *exif_error_string(const char *err_detail);

I would like to know how to retrieve the exif camera information about the image I’m currently inspecting/parsing and other EXIF data about the image. I’ve been using the exif_t.info() to retrieve the Exif information, but I can’t figure out how to get the info I want. Does anyone know how to do it?
Thanks in advance!
Some more info:
I’m currently using libexif-0.6.51, and I have added the following to my code:
exif = exif_new(NULL);
exif_error_t *error_string = NULL;

I am unsure of the call between the two. Would exif_new() be the initial call (which would be where the code would read the camera tag/exif tag/etc.) or would it be exif_read()?
Is exif_new() the same as exif_data_callback_new() and exif_read() the same as exif_data_callback_read()?
I would assume the latter but I’m not certain.


There isn’t a public exif_read() interface. You can use exif_data_callback_read() instead, but that would call the callback function with an exif_data_t that you’d have to fill in, which would have to have a significant amount of logic to determine the data from the callback function.
I would suggest using the exif_data_callback_new() function to create the exif_data_t which is


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