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Based on the award-winning Half-Minute Hero story, Sequel is a charming adventure romp for the PS Vita that takes the lovable lead character of the Half-Minute Hero series, John, and gives him the chance to go on a world tour and explore the world of sequels. Enjoy the seamless and adventurous turn-based battle system with all new mechanics, or the exploratory genre blend of turn-based games.

A new character will appear every time you play. They will have their own personalities, and you will discover their backstories through the meeting system that is ingrained into Sequel.

Join the adventure by forming a party of up to three characters. The main character is accompanied by other personalities, such as a mage, an alchemist, and a thief. They will have their own abilities and skills, and they will upgrade during the journey. For example, the thief can use stealth skills to avoid enemies. The mage will raise magical attacks through the use of soulstones. The alchemist has an air of aloofness, but she has some high-priced equipment.

Solve a variety of exciting, heartwarming, and heart-racing stories. Sequel presents a wide variety of interesting characters, often with unexpected twists and turns. In fact, the main character will start out as a lowly scribe, then end up becoming the crown prince of “Evil.”

As a game of turn-based turn-based role playing adventures, Sequel is complemented by the storyline wherein you must grow the main character by raising his stats and skills by using your own characters’ story events.

Sequel is a game designed specifically for the PlayStation Vita handheld console.


Freeform Turn-based RPG

Explore the world of sequels. Travel and discover all over the world to improve your characters!

Developer Comment

Half-Minute Hero

The original Half-Minute Hero is the award-winning story of a woman named Chiaki Kuriyama who has lived her whole life in the countryside. Then one day, her childhood sweetheart, a salaryman, comes back to her life and asks her out on a date. He is the hero of this story, and the main character of this sequel!

The main character has a high-spirited and easygoing spirit. He does whatever he can to make the heroine happy, so she has come to rely on him very much. The hero makes all kinds


Features Key:

  • Solve puzzles, overcome dangers, and master thier tools.
  • Experience fun and meaningful interactions with a complete cast of characters.
  • Explore a high-fantasy world with many places to explore and secrets to uncover.
  • Form a group of adventurers to go on their quest by making friends, joining them on the quest, and exploring exotic lands.
  • Explore the creators hand-drawn backgrounds that drift away into a wandering sea.
  • Delve into dungeons and explore mysterious ruins without the fear of death.
  • Survive on a desert island while searching for any mystical means of escape.
  • Form a party and battle some monsters in adventure mode.

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