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Optimizing the performance and the visuals of our systems is something we all strive for and there are many users who try even experimental solutions just to be able to reach a certain goal like running a specific game onto a computer which doesn't fully meet the minimum requirements.
Those who need to run an application or even an operating system onto a device that has a limited screen resolution have at their disposal a tiny utility that claims to have the answer to their quest. Going by the name of Higher Netbook Resolution, this program doesn't have to be installed onto the computer on which it is deployed, but you will have to run it as an administrator in order to have it function properly.
There is currently no list of supported devices, as it is supposed to work with most netbooks. However, it does target one specific platform, namely the Lenovo S10-3T unit and it has to be operated in a special manner for that kind of device.
In the case of all the other systems, Higher Netbook Resolution needs only one click to get the job done. You should note that in order to have the changes come into effect, restarting the machine is a must. Only after rebooting you can choose a higher screen resolution, so skipping this step is not a valid option.
When it comes to the Lenovo netbook mentioned before, the operation consists of two clicks, on both larger buttons from the main window and restarting the unit is also mandatory. In case you wish to revert the changes, simply press the 'Restore' button or both of them if you are using it on the S10-3T device.
Since it is a breeze to operate and the only thing it asks of you is to reboot the system once, Higher Netbook Resolution can actually be one of the best tools of its kind. Nonetheless, there is no guarantee it will work on every system, so each user will have to take a chance and try it on their netbook to find out.







Higher Netbook Resolution Crack + For Windows

Launch the program and press the ‘Configure’ button in order to open the set of options.
A new window should appear which has the four options available.
Select one of those according to your needs and click the ‘Apply’ button in order to save the changes.
It is now advisable to reboot the netbook in order to test the settings.
If all of the settings work as they should, you should be able to enjoy the higher screen resolution on any netbook that uses the Lenovo S10-3T unit.

Installation Requirements:

Windows 7


Windows 8 / 8.1


Windows 10 (32-bit/64-bit)


256 MB RAM

1.3 GHz CPU

500 MB of available disk space

Until now Higher Netbook Resolution Full Crack has been very successful in relation to its target. It actually works as it is supposed to and there is no need for some kind of complex process. Some users even discovered that they could try it on an old netbook in order to see if they are able to reach the higher screen resolution.
This is something that can be accomplished by using the utility as soon as the re-installation process has been completed. Other users managed to see their target resolution after just running the program. So we can say this program is certainly worth trying.

Higher Netbook Resolution Video:


Download and extract the.rar file you have just downloaded, select the folder where it has been placed and launch the installation.

Disable any antivirus program that may be active on your computer, as they tend to hinder the functions of the setup program.

Click on the ‘Start’ button to restart your computer.

Follow the instructions inside the installation screen.

Shut down your system once it is done and you should be able to set the screen resolution on your netbook in a few easy steps.Send this page to someone via email

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Higher Netbook Resolution

Higher Netbook Resolution is a utility created to aid you in making use of a netbook’s higher resolution screen; which for some is 1024×600 pixels, while for others it’s 1280×800. The program will give you a working resolution on your normal windows which will help you see more on the screen, even with the big resolutions such as 1920×1080.

How to Use Higher Netbook Resolution:

Install higher netbook resolution:

Make sure you have.NET Framework 4 or higher installed, if it isn’t, don’t install the.NET Framework as it will corrupt the installation. If you have the.NET Framework installed already, then click on the icon. If not, visit the download section for.NET Framework 4.

Restart your computer and when asked for the installation location, choose the.EXE file you downloaded and follow the instructions.

Once the installation is complete, you will see a screen asking you to confirm the installation and it asks to restart the computer.

On your keyboard press: Ctrl+Shift+Del+Escape

Type: cmd

Press: Enter

Type: r

Press: Enter

Restart your computer and wait until it starts to boot up. Once it has finished booting, press: Ctrl+Alt+Delete

It will ask you to sign in, accept that.

Type: highernetbookresolution

Enter: This is your desktop resolution

Press: Enter

Reboot the computer once again, if it doesn’t work, press: Ctrl+Alt+Delete, Ctrl+Shift+Del, Ctrl+Escape. Then type: cmd

Press Enter

Type: r

Press Enter

Reboot your computer once again.

If you have successfully gotten the higher resolution on your desktop, then please tell us in the comments section below. This could help others.

This was tested on Windows 7 Professional, all other versions may work but all versions are advised to be tested.Download: HigherNetbookResolution1.1.0.exe (191KB)

This add-on can help you with the following issues:
I have a HP Mini netbook (1000) that has a resolution of 1024×600 (to be exact)
I have a HP Mini laptop (1010) that has a resolution of 1280×800 and I would like to set it to the same 1024×600 resolution so I

Higher Netbook Resolution (Updated 2022)

This is the smallest launcher of the bunch and to some extent, it should be able to get the job done on pretty much any system. This small utility is completely free and doesn’t require any installation whatsoever.
The program has two basic features, both of which are in the same place in the interface and are accessed by double clicking the appropriate button. The first one is the ability to choose between one of the four different available resolution modes, ranging from 600×800 all the way up to 1024×768. You can change the value inside the lower right corner to see how it affects the display on your netbook and the only thing you need to do is reboot your system once and the changes will be applied.
If you’re using the S10-3T, you will also have to restart your unit if you wish to keep the changes. The second feature of this little tool is the ability to toggle between the two available keyboard layouts, in the case of Lenovo systems only. However, it can be used in any situation where the user has to make changes in the way the layout is displayed on the screen.
The intuitive interface of Higher Netbook Resolution is the defining feature of the program. The choice to be able to set the resolution, both on the higher and lower values is a nice addition and the utility seems to be completely flawless and well thought out. You don’t have to worry about missing options and there is no trouble whatsoever in accessing the settings, either through the main window or by clicking the ‘Help’ button.
The only unfortunate thing about the program is that the localization is not perfect and one of the keys to change the screen size is missing. This means that once you have picked a screen size, double clicking the ‘Help’ button, is the only way to revert your choice back to the default one. On the other hand, it is probably a deliberate design decision as you will never use the help option because it’s so easy to toggle between the four different resolutions.




Extremely simple interface

You don’t have to worry about having the resolution set to a specific value

The standard screen resolution of most netbooks is a very convenient one


The localization could have been a bit better

There is no access to the keyboard layout/language options through the main window

Requires a computer restart in order to be effective

You can’t use the program on non-Lenovo systems

What’s New In?

Higher Netbook Resolution

The program that allows you to set the screen resolution of any netbook regardless of the manufacturer of the unit and whether it is running XP or Vista.

Operating System:


What it should be used for:

Reaching higher screen resolutions

What it does:

Works automatically

Suited for:


I was recently surfing the Net when I stumbled upon something that I wasn’t particularly prepared for. I was seeing a lot of people trying to run a particular operating system onto a netbook or a smartphone which only had a lower screen resolution and weren’t quite satisfied with the results. There are more and more users who are actively looking for a way to get their netbook to display more screen space, so it can be a pretty good source of information.
When it comes to Lenovo S10-3T devices, this tool doesn’t work and so the users of this brand have to look for another solution. It is really a nuisance as people who wish to have an extra screen for their netbooks have no other option but to move to an older Lenovo with a higher screen resolution.
Higher Netbook Resolution – Free Download

Re: Higher Netbook Resolution

What programs can be used for optimizing screen resolution? I am a bit bored…

Re: Higher Netbook Resolution

And anyone who has the file posted in the previous post and want to put it here? Thanks

Re: Higher Netbook Resolution

Suited for:

What it does:

What it should be used for:

Will work for any netbook since it does not require any file installation.


System Requirements For Higher Netbook Resolution:

Windows 7
8, 8.1 or 10
Intel i3, i5, i7, i9 (tested on i5-8400)
4GB RAM (2GB recommended)
20GB storage space
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, 1080 Ti or 1050 Ti
If you are ready to download the emulators and install them, please proceed to the next page.
The simple way is to download them from our website, or you can use the emulators you have right now if you are still on Windows 7.


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